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September 26, 2022

-The Gun — Alberta said it will block Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to use the RCMP as gun-confiscation agents, boosting the likelihood that his political attacks begun in May 2020 will fail.


Alberta Minister of Justice Tyler Shandro said today he will ask RCMP officers who work in Alberta to refuse Trudeau’s confiscation orders.

The province also aims to support six groups of gun owners and businesses in Federal Court challenging Trudeau’s crackdown, Shandro said.

‘Politically Motivated Confiscation’

“Alberta’s government has been advised that the RCMP will be deployed to confiscate firearms under the ‘buyback’ program,” the province said today in a press release.

“This is politically motivated confiscation, pure and simple,” Shandro said today at a media briefing. “No, Alberta will not assist the federal government in this or any effort to strip lawfully obtained personal property from our residents.”

Watch the briefing. It’s only 23 minutes. You’ll also hear the media’s anti-gun bias during the Q&A.

Why It Matters

  • Alberta is one of the strongest and most vocal defenders of honest citizens against Trudeau’s authoritarianism.
  • Shandro’s comments show Trudeau still has no idea how to execute his confiscation plan against hundreds of thousands of individuals, most of whom intend to opt out.
  • Massive opposition to the crackdown and its huge political, financial and logistical obstacles suggest it will fail.

Liberal Flip-Flop on Police

Even though the Royal Canadian Mounted Police worked in secret with the Liberals to prepare the attacks announced on 01 May 2020, the Liberals have said previously that they wouldn’t as police to run the seizures.

The RCMP labor union itself opposes the crackdown, which targets many officers and their families, friends and colleagues.

But Shandro said today he got a letter last month from Marco Mendicino, Trudeau’s minister in charge of the confiscations. The letter indicates the Liberals now plan to remove RCMP officers from policing and safety work, and to use them instead as confiscation agents beginning this fall.

“Alberta is not legally obligated and will not offer any provincial resources to the Federal Government as it seeks to confiscate lawfully acquired firearms.”


Scapegoating Sets ‘Disturbing Precedent’

Alberta Chief Firearms Officer Teri Bryant said at today’s briefing:

“All Canadians, whether firearms owners or not, should be concerned by the scapegoating of law-abiding citizens and the targeting of their property, which sets a disturbing precedent, and by the misuse of billions of precious taxpayer dollars that these plans would entail.”

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