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NY Elevates ‘Horned’ Statue Paying Homage to RBG and Abortion – Critics Say It Looks ‘Satanic’

Steve Warren Published:January 27, 2023 -CBN   The recent addition of an unusual eight-foot golden statue atop a New York state courthouse in New York City is causing a stir with some questioning what exactly the statue represents. The statue of a horned female was recently installed on top of the Courthouse of the Appellate Division, First Department of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. It stands alongside other sculptures depicting historical, religious, and other legendary lawgivers, all of them men. The female sculpture with hair braided like spiraling horns was installed as part of an exhibition that opened last week. It's the first female statue to adorn one of the Appellate courthouse's 10 plinths, dominated for [...]

January 30, 2023|Categories: Breaking News, Cringe|0 Comments


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