By Kyle Morris

Published:June 15, 2023

-Fox News


The leader of the Black Lives Matter movement in the Canadian city of Calgary has been charged with a hate crime after she allegedly impeded access to a Catholic school for reasons of “bias, prejudice, or hate based on race or ethnic origin,” according to recent reports.

Initially reported by the Calgary Herald, Adora Nwofor was charged with mischief on June 2 in relation to an incident that occurred on May 26, according to court documents obtained by the outlet. The charges came after Nwofor was “wilfully obstructing and interfering” with the use of a property “primarily used for religious worship and educational purposes,” the documents stated.

Nwofor’s alleged reasoning behind the interference with people’s use of St. Thomas Aquinas School in Calgary, the documents noted, was “for reasons of bias, prejudice, or hate based on race or ethnic origin.”

Appearing before a justice of the peace earlier this month via a video connection, Nwofor, a 47-year-old abortion activist who serves as president for Black Lives Matter YYC, was granted release on a non-cash bail under the condition that she not make contact with staff and faculty members from St. Thomas Aquinas.

Nwofor is prohibited from going within 100 meters of the school, the Calgary Herald reported.

Nwofor’s attorney Chad Haggerty did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the hate crime charges.

In a separate incident, Black Lives Matter activist Taylor McNallie faces charges of misconduct and will learn her fate in court on charges of allegedly assaulting an off-duty sheriff outside the Calgary Courts Centre in April 2021. Also represented by Haggerty, McNallie is accused of assaulting Elena Cunningham with a megaphone during a protest against the assault of a Black woman by a Calgary police officer.

McNallie attested her innocence by claiming that she had only been attempting to recover her cellphone after Cunningham had taken it from her while she had been attempting to film the officer.

McNallie also faces charges for allegedly pouring water on a photographer and damaging his glasses a week earlier.

Justice Peter Barley is slated to hand down a verdict in McNallie’s case on Thursday, and Nwofor’s case returns to court on Friday.