Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

June 22, 2021

-The Post Millennial


Bill C-10 passed last night, 196 to 112.

The vote passed at just after 1:30 am.

As for what’s next, the bill will now go to Senate. Senators have said that there is no chance that the bill gets approved the week before Parliament goes on summer break, according to law professor Michael Geist.

The bill has been the topic of controversy for weeks, as supporters of the bill, mainly from the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc, say that the bill will introduce long-needed regulation to the internet that would protect Canadians from tech giants.

The Conservatives, however, see the bill as one that is beyond repair and an attack on Canadians’ freedom of speech. The Liberals attempted to “shut down debate on Bill C-10,” says Fort Saskatchewan MP Garnett Genuis, by shutting down all conversation on the matter.

“It is not clear why the Conservative Party of Canada has decided to back foreign web giants and ignore the needs of the Canadian culture sector,” Guilbeault continued in a social media statement. “but the Liberal Government remains steadfast in its support of Canadian artists and creators.”

Guilbeault blamed the Conservative Party for the “six weeks of systemic obstruction of the bill,” having served a notice last night of a motion to  “propose at the next sitting a motion to allot a specific number of days or hours” to get the bill passed as soon as possible.


The bill could also give the CRTC overwhelming new powers, something that former vice-chair of the CRTC Peter Menzies called a violation of the rights of ordinary citizens.

To see which MPs voted Nay or Yea, click HERE.