By Cassandra Fairbanks

Juanuary 3, 2022

-The Gateway Pundit


British journalist and free speech activist Tommy Robinson’s car was firebombed on Monday evening, one day after he released a trailer for his upcoming documentary exposing Muslim grooming gangs.

Robinson’s new documentary, “The Rape of Britain,” will expose the names and faces of those involved with the gangs of migrants raping young British girls in Telford and other towns.

In the promo, one of the alleged survivors names Gulfraz Khan as the leader. Robinson also states that there are five women in Telford alone that have been killed by the gang.

According to a report from the Shropshire Star, who did not know at the time of their report that the vehicle belonged to Robinson, “the blaze began at about 8pm on Sunday outside the Whitehouse Hotel on Watling Street, Wellington.”

“A fire crew from Wellington brought the blaze under control in an hour long operation with firefighters wearing breathing apparatus to protect themselves,” the report continued. “The cause of the blaze has not yet been revealed.”

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit on Monday, Robinson explained that he was on his way to the police station where he would be livestreaming about what happened.

“These gangs are waging war on the survivors and anyone who is investigating them. Maybe this is the reason that mainstream journalists shy away from this problem. Maybe they’re all scared of these gangs. The problem is, we’re not scared. This won’t deter us. Nothing will deter us,” Robinson said.

Robinson said that there have been several arson attacks, at least one of which was against a survivor he knows of, in Telford in the last week. At least two of them were also arson attacks on vehicles.

When one of the survivors and her family began to receive threats, Robinson says that the Telford police did nothing, and he and his friends had to protect their home and move them out themselves.

Robinson is now asking the public for help with donations to help protect survivors and the people working on the documentary, who are placing their lives in great danger.