March 25, 2022

-Global News


Weekly rallies are expected to continue in Calgary’s core this weekend, and police are reminding those taking part that a protest injunction remains in effect.

The injunction, which went into effect March 18, prohibits protesters from:

  • Blocking traffic on roads and on sidewalks, including walking in the middle of roadways and preventing vehicles and pedestrians from lawfully passing by or accessing amenities in the area.
  • Gathering in a park which unreasonably disturbs the use or enjoyment of the park. This includes hosting events without a permit.
  • Conducting commercial activity in a park, including the operation of vendor stands in Central Memorial Park or other areas without a permit.
  • The unnecessary sounding of horns or other audible warning devices, including air horns and megaphones.

The order also gives police the power to arrest anyone contravening it and hold that person in custody until they appear in court.

The City of Calgary applied for the temporary injunction after a tense stand-off between anti-mandate protesters and counter-protesters in the Beltline on March 12.

Police arrested six people the following week – five for breaching the injunction, one for assaulting an officer.

Rallies have been held in Central Memorial Park, typically followed by a march down 17 Avenue. This week, organizers are planning to gather at city hall.

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