Dawson Creek Mirror

Published:June 13, 2022

-Prince George Citizen


Ryeley Palfi died in a motorcycle incident last week in Dawson Creek.

His dad Rick took to social media with news of his 19-year-old son’s passing and said “words can’t even begin to explain the pain”.

“I can’t believe I have to try and move forward with you not in my life. You touched so many lives in your almost 20 years. You had such huge dreams and goals. You are my hero. You will always be my super hero,” wrote Rick.

With over 100,000 fans following Ryeley on several media platforms, the young man was regarded as a rising star in the fitness world.

It’s unclear how the crash transpired, but Ryeley had told his fans that the roads were slick with rain before he was heading home.

Rick further said his son was just three weeks away from a major competition when the tragedy struck.