November 29, 2021

-Western Standard


A new bill being proposed by the federal government could see hospital protesters facing 10 years in prison under Criminal Code amendments.

Blacklock’s Reporter says this is the first of two election campaign bills targeting Canadians opposed to the vaccine mandates.

“I’m disappointed to have to do this,” said Attorney General David Lametti.

Bill C-3 would forbid anyone from attempting to impede a doctor or nurse “in the performance of their duties” or “intentionally obstruct or interfere with another person’s lawful access” to a hospital or clinic.

“We have all seen the protests during the pandemic,” Lametti told reporters.

“Even this week Covid deniers were trying to stop children from receiving vaccinations. Imagine trying to stop a child from receiving a potentially life-saving vaccine.”

Calling it a “new intimidation offence,” Lametti said the goal of the legislation would “make it illegal for anyone to deliberately make a health care worker or someone assisting them so afraid they cannot do their job,” adding it would also extend to those wishing to access health care services.

Although Lametti said federal law is already in place to prohibit uttering threats, unlawful assembly and damage to property, he added, “These amendments would give police and prosecutors additional tools.”

In a released document, the Department of Justice stated the bill “does not affect workers’ rights to take labour action,” and will not restrict picket lines in contract disputes.

“Canadians who want to express their opinions in a peaceful way will be able to continue to do so,” said Lametti.

“However those freedoms do not extend to people who intimidate, harass, obstruct or threaten our front line health care professionals, support workers and users. This type of behaviour is abhorrent and unacceptable.”

While campaigning in September, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested these amendments to the criminal code.

“It is not okay that across the country hospitals are having to put up barricades today to manage the mobs coming their way,” Trudeau told reporters.

“It’s unfortunate that we got here, but we think those people deserve our highest level of protection.”