July 26, 2021

-Western Standard


Edmonton pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson held nothing back as he shredded the COVID-19 narrative in an outdoor speech in his home city.

The doctor began his World Wide Freedom Day speech by thanking those present on Saturday.

“Your presence means so much to me, that we’re fellow travelers in this journey towards recapturing our fundamental freedoms in this country, which COVID has, unfortunately, so seriously undermined,” Hodkinson said.

“I’m putting my career on the line here. I’ve been a laboratory inspector for the very college that’s got its teeth into me. Do you think that’s an important role to make sure every other laboratory is doing the right job? Yes, I’m very proud of my CV. And any attempt by Snopes to maim me, to discredit me is despicable. And I loathe those little decomposing maggots!

“Yes I’m pissed! Because you are the laboratory rats [getting the vaccine]. You’re the experiment. Never before in medical history has an uncontrolled clinical trial at this scale ever been undertaken with no evidence of safety.

“This unprecedented horror show, the worst in medical history…I am viscerally outraged at how unnecessary this grotesque tragedy has been and yet somehow manages to continue. It’s insanity cubed….” Hodkinson continued.

“Believe nothing you’re being told. It’s all a pack of lies from start to finish! Pure, unopposed propaganda, plain and simple. This is nothing more than a bad seasonal flu with certain minor exceptions. And nothing was needed…except good old common sense and early treatments with drugs known to be totally safe.”

Hodkinson, who has been an assistant professor at the University of Alberta, said authorities had misused the words “safe,” “fact,” and “case.”

“In medicine, we do not pronounce the vaccine safe until it’s been put through five to seven years of clinical trials for the very simple reason, we don’t know what we don’t know, for Christ’s sake!”

A man from the crowd called out, “He’s on fire! The doc’s on fire,” before Hodkinson resumed.

“They are lying to you. This vaccine is not safe – underlined in neon!

“The governments and their minions [insist] what they’re saying is based on fact. That is the most Orwellian distortion of the English language. It is not fact. It is hearsay! They’re distorting everything to make you scared and complicit and obey.” says Canada has had 1.42 million cases of COVID-19, but Hodkinson disagrees.

“You know what we call a case in medicine? Someone who’s sick in front of us – they’ve got a fever, they’ve got pain, they’re sick. I’ll tell you what sick about this. They’re sick! These are not cases, these are false-positive PCR results,” said the pathologist.

“The PCR test creates over 95% false positives in perfectly well people!”

Hodkinson, whose expertise in pathology has been recognized by the Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta, said “brutal silencing of the truth” had taken place from politicians, mainstream media, and social media.

“The other reason for wearing masks is to stop you giving it to me. Well, asymptomatic spread does not happen. It cannot happen. It undercuts the very tenets of infectious disease transmission. It’s ridiculous. It’s stupid.”

Hodkinson said “liberal doses of…common sense” were the best medicine.

“Flip-flop (Anthony) Fauci, or as I’m now calling him five-finger Fauci, his sticky fingers are all over this from beginning to end when his gain-of-function research escaped from that lab in Wuhan. And he’s lied about it twice in Congress with the penalty being a five-year jail time,” he said.

“You shouldn’t be forced to put your life or your child’s life on the line by getting vaxxed just to solve a problem that he created. That is government tyranny and indescribably offensive. The experimental gene-based vaccines have never before been used in humans. As I said before, you are the lab rats of the largest uncontrolled clinical trial in the history of medicine. There are all kinds of side effects, not the least of which is death.”