Phil Shiver

Published:August 12, 2021

-The Blaze


An Iranian immigrant father in Virginia told local school board members recently that if they insisted on passing transgender-affirming pronoun rules he would make them call his children “king” and “queen” — and him “master.”

The father issued the remarks during an explosive speech before the Loudoun County Public School Board on Tuesday. It was the same meeting during which one teacher announced she was quitting over newly proposed transgender-affirming rules.

The district would go on to pass the reforms, which allow transgender students to access school facilities and groups of their choice and requires faculty and staff to address transgender students by their preferred names and pronouns. Reforms that, according to this father, have no place within America’s educational system.

“I grew up in Iran as a Christian. And when we went to school, as much as the government wanted to indoctrinate us, the teachers didn’t allow it,” he said. “They didn’t try to shove propaganda down our throats like the Ayatollahs did.”

“Now in the 21st century, we have social justice warrior so-called teachers trying to shove their garbage ideology down our kids’ throats,” he continued.

“These are our children, not yours,” he added defiantly. “Their job is not to raise my child or my neighbor’s child. Their job is to teach our kids math, science, biology, literature, and that’s it. Not ideology. Now you want to push garbage crap like ‘pronouns.’

“How the hell does that keep a kid from succeeding? How does that help them?” he shouted. “You wanna push that garbage down my kids’ throats, I will make you call my kids king and queen. That’s how you will address my son and daughter. And when you look at me, you will call me master.”

Loudoun County has served as the center stage of an ongoing nationwide debate regarding the implementation of transgender-affirming policies in local schools.

Earlier this year, the district was sued after it suspended a Christian physical education teacher for speaking out against the proposals during a board meeting.

The teacher, Tanner Cross, declared in the speech that he would not “lie” to his students and “defile” God by affirming that “a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa.”

The board was scheduled to vote on the rules Tuesday but was forced to push back the vote due to an overwhelming number of community members who desired to weigh in during a public comment time.