by Kevin Annett

June 23, 2021



The scene from the film “Goodfellas” might have been set in Canada, rather than the Bronx. Three gangsters are on a late-night trip to dig up and cut up one of their victims whose buried remains are threatened with discovery. One of them, portrayed by none other than Joe Pesci, insists on stopping first for some chow at his mom’s place.

At one point around the dinner table, Joe holds up a huge carving knife and asks,

Can I borrow this, ma? A friend of ours needs it.

As his fellow Goombahs explode with laughter, Joe’s nice mother smilingly obliges, as oblivious as your average Canuck.

In a mass grave as big as Canada, tragedy slips easily into farce like that all the time. Once more we are experiencing the stale stuck note of credulity aiding crime, now that the news has broken about the children’s remains in Kamloops that were “discovered” by the very people who put them there.

In truth, what was exposed to the world on May 27 was not so much 215 little corpses, but a standard clean-up operation gone wrong. And we have a stool pigeon to thank for that.

For the throngs of you who don’t know how things work in Canada, the RCMP and their native band council Goombahs have been hard at work for over a half century pulping any small bones they find from the crime scenes they helped make at over one hundred Catholic, Anglican and United Church “residential schools”. Their late-night body cleanups, like the government and churches’ shredding of documents and killing of eyewitnesses, are part of their mandate as “crown” agents.

But things went off the rails after they uncovered the Kamloops mass grave. Somebody squealed to the press: somebody right within the Tk’emlups band council.

Even before I learned the sordid details, I knew that something even more crooked and contrived than usual was up when Big Murray Sinclair appeared. The very day after the Kamloops site was reported, Murray’s chubby countenance was splashed across the corporate media quicker than you can say “official coverup”.

For all you Three Second Memory casualties, Murray Sinclair was the former Manitoba judge and Top Apple who engineered the grotesque obstruction of justice misnamed the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC).  At his lordly presiding over TRC events between 2009 and 2015, Murray won the nickname “The Slasher” for cutting off the microphones of any residential school survivors who named the names of their torturers and censoring out of the TRC record any call for the prosecution of the guilty churches. No wonder he had done so well as a judge.

Personally, I figure that Murray went even more crazy than usual under the burden of not only his considerable weight but his official role of Canadian Holocaust Denier: like when he claimed that half the interned children had died and then saying it was only two or three percent. Of course, issuing the Big Lie is not only a standard tool of a politician’s trade but one that is routinely rewarded: something proved by a grateful Canadian government when it appointed Big Murray to the Senate after his hatchet job on all those living and dead Indians.

Naturally, the emergence of the BM after his retirement to the Elysian Fields smelled to me of Part Two of the TRC (That Ridiculous Coverup). And sure enough, Fat Boy did not disappoint us. By early June, Murray was giving away the plan by announcing that the Mohawk school in Brantford, Ontario was “likely” to be next in line for an “official” excavation.

Well, say no more, Tonto! The Anglican Mohawk school – known as the “Mush hole” to its victims – was the site of the only independent excavation ever done at a residential school mass grave, by yours truly and a host of unbought traditional Mohawk elders in the fall of 2011. The bones we unearthed and had analyzed at the Smithsonian Institute included those of a positively identified young girl: a fact studiously ignored and censored by Canada’s media. So today, what better place than the Mush hole to whitewash, now that the push is on by the feds to do a final and definitive cleanup of all those lingering little bones?

The story gets worse, naturally, just by following the money.

Enter stage left another Goombah in our sordid tale: former Tk’emlups Kamloops “chief” Shane Gottfriedson, late of aboriginal underworld infamy and now a key native broker in the rapid Chinese takeover of Canada’s west coast. Shane has apparently made a deal with both Ottawa and Beijing to disinter all the mass graves on the coast – not only at residential schools but at present day body dumping sites all over northern B.C. and its infamous “Highway of Tears” – in exchange for a major cut of the lucrative $40 billion oil and gas export industry to China. Conveniently, he serves as the Godfather of the aboriginal criminal syndicate known as Redd Alert, which deals drugs and handles contract killings and body disposals between Kamloops and the west coast.

According to a Tk’emlups source,

“Shane knows where all the bodies are. And there’s a hell of a lot more of them than those 215 children in the ground.”

Like all gangsters, Shane camouflages himself behind a legitimate business, although not an especially impressive one: the local Tim Horton’s Donuts franchise on the Kamloops Indian reserve. But the homely “nice guy” stories run about him in the local media that depict him serving Timmy double-doubles to other smiling Indians belie the extent of Shane Gottfriedson’s reach.

In June 2019, Gottfriedson helped convince Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to buy the strategic Trans-Mountain Pipeline (TMP) from Kinder Morgan and allow his aboriginal company known as “Project Reconciliation” (ouch!) to scoop up majority control of its shares. TMP is now the largest supplier of oil and gas to China, doubling Canada’s oil exports to that country and ending America’s monopoly of Canadian fuel exports. And Shane Gottfriedson’s Project Reconciliation is at the center of it all.

Significantly, this historic move by Trudeau that locked Canada into a permanent trade dependency with China in alliance with aboriginal businessmen occurred only two weeks after he had publicly admitted to Genocide in Canada. The connection? Under international and contract law, all “outstanding issues of contention” between parties must be resolved before final agreements can be signed and made legal. Knowing that the United Nations would not enforce its own Genocide Convention against Canada, Gottfriedson and his tribal partners reached an understanding with Trudeau that the little matter of murdered Indians, past and present, was off the table provided they got a piece of the upcoming action with China. His band council’s disposal of the still-undisclosed bones in the Kamloops mass grave under the guise of “investigating” it is part of Gottfriedson’s price of admission. Accordingly, the destruction of similar graves will inevitably continue at the hands of the Mounties, coroners, and the federal government, with the churches applauding silently in the wings.

None of these maneuvers are new. Only the actors are. Murdering indigenous families has always been as intrinsic to a resource-hungry capitalism as buying stock options. But now, in true neo-colonial fashion, the killing is being done in Canada by the aboriginals to themselves, whether by a Murray Sinclair or a Shane Gottfriedson.

The west coast is ground zero for this latest phase in the Canadian Holocaust, and a lynchpin in the new geo-political battle between China and America for control of this continent and of Canada’s liquid natural gas, oil, uranium and water. Trudeau and his aboriginal partners have chosen their side. It is up to the rest of us to find a different way.

As for the children in the ground and what put them there, their appearance is a mirror into which we can see ourselves and the nature of our culture. The disappeared children are part of the judgement under which we all stand that no amount of reconciliation babble will resolve. Instead of mimicking Joe Pesci’s accomplice mother and handing the killers the means for them to dispose of the evidence of their crime, we must upset the entire bloody table, by first mourning and stepping back from its entire bloody arrangement.

To honor the dead in more than the blithe, self-serving manner in which Canadians so excel, let us set aside all of July as a National Month of Mourning and Non-Cooperation. By refusing to play along with the lies and agendas of the killers in office, we may begin to find a different way to think and to be that no longer rests on our ignorance and complicity, and on the suffering of the innocent.

We can only launch our own independent Tribunal into our homegrown genocide if we begin this process of inner renewal and break our bonds of complicity. Our challenge is summed up well by Rian Malan, a white South African whose post-apartheid book My Traitor’s Heart is remarkably relevant to and directed at we Euro-Canadians today:

“Even those of us who could face our own crimes could not end the brutal system that had killed so many others, because as a people our spirit was held prisoner even more than the ones we oppressed. All our talk of justice and reconciliation was just empty words because we could not come to terms with something we did not understand: namely, ourselves. Our system had to fall before our eyes could be opened.” ,

The censored excavation of children’s remains at the Mohawk residential school, Brantford, Ontario by Mohawk elders and the ITCCS/Kevin Annett (October-November, 2011):