Warren Kinsella

September 9, 2021

-Toronto Sun


Week four of the 2021 election campaign beckons — and, for Justin Trudeau, possible defeat.

You don’t need to read virtually every poll to know that Trudeau’s Liberals are behind, and Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives are ahead.

You just need to consider the past week on the Grit campaign trail. It hasn’t been pretty.

To wit:

Aug. 31: Justin Trudeau defends Liberal candidate Raj Saini, who was accused by multiple former staffers of sexual misconduct, harassment, and workplace violence. Saini was a mentor to former Liberal MP Marwan Tabbara, who was also accused of sexual harassment. And, um, charged with break-and-enter, assault and criminal harassment by police in an unrelated case. Trudeau says he’s a “feminist.” Really, he says that.

Aug. 31: Statistics Canada reports a contraction in Canada’s economy — a sign the country’s post-pandemic recovery may take a lot longer than Trudeau had proclaimed. In other news, the budget remains unbalanced and water is still wet.

Aug. 31: Financial analysts bash Trudeau’s proposed tax hikes for banks, arguing that the decision is likely to further drive up the cost of buying a home across the country. Nobody likes the banks, but they like being homeless even less.

Aug. 31: Trudeau fails again — and the consequences are serious. This time, the Liberal leader is no longer willing to provide a target date for his long-ago solemn promise of ending boil water advisories in Indigenous communities. Shameful.

Aug. 31: Blacklock’s, a peppy news service, reports that Liberal candidate Steven Guilbeault owes thousands in back taxes — despite his whopping $275,000 yearly salary. Guilbeault refuses to say if his ministerial paycheque is getting docked for “the five-figure arrears.”

Aug. 31: Liberals are running — and again defending — Jamie Battiste as a candidate. Battiste was caught spewing racism and misogyny on Twitter. Trudeau welcomed him as a candidate anyway.

Aug. 31: Disgraced Vancouver Liberal candidate Taleeb Noormohamed refuses to answer questions about how many times he applied the principal residence tax exemption while flipping over 40 houses in the last 17 years. The Trudeau Liberal platform, meanwhile, says it will ban the very thing their “star” candidate has done dozens of times.”

Aug. 31: During an all-candidates meeting in Toronto Centre, Liberal candidate and incumbent Marci Ien refuses to defend her party’s shameful policy on restrictions for gay men donating blood. Kudos to Marci for telling the truth.

Septe. 1: The Globe and Mail reports that Kevin Vuong, the Grits’ star candidate in Spadina-Fort York, is facing a $1.5 million lawsuit after allegedly forcing out a business partner from a facemask business that he opened during the pandemic. The suit was filed late last year — and the Liberal Party knew all about it. They welcomed his candidacy anyway.

Sept. 1: Former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould, who we at The Sun mostly regard as a saint, condemns the Liberal Party’s handling of sexual harassment allegations against Raj Saini: “Anyone who has a responsibility to address this and does not is not fit to lead. Anyone who stands by and does nothing is complicit. Anyone who is surprised has not been paying attention.

Sept. 1: If a policy tree falls in the policy forest and no one hears it, did it actually happen? The Liberal Party finally release a “platform” — but the announcement is drowned out by angry demands that Trudeau retract his support for alleged pervert Raj Saini.

Sept. 1: Trudeau’s platform includes lots of new spending — but, typically, no way to pay for it. Asked if Canada will ever have a balanced budget, Trudeau gives a Trudeauesque shrug.

Sept. 1: Blacklocks reports on an audit that reveals the Ministry of Indigenous Services spent billions on new First Nations water plants — without first bothering to see if they have managers who can actually run them. Indigenous leaders are incensed.

Sept. 2: An Angus Reid survey finds only 31% of Canadians want the Liberals to govern again. More concerning for the Grits, only “52% of current Liberal voters say they would like to see the LPC form a majority. Ouch.

Sept. 2: University of New Brunswick law professor Kerri Froc describes the Liberal Party’s campaign promise on abortion access as “a nothingburger,” as it is unlikely to improve access to reproductive healthcare in New Brunswick. This, after the Liberals spent weeks attacking the Conservatives on the same issue.

Sept. 2: During the TVA leaders’ debates, Trudeau hints that if he doesn’t get a majority Canadians will be back at the polls in 18 months. Please God, no! Aiiiieee!

Sept. 2: An internal PMO memo shows ex-Liberal MP Frank Baylis’ firm had been in contact with government officials about fat federal contracts — contrary to testimony at the House of Commons Ethics Committee.

Sept. 3: Asked about his decision to allow Raj Saini to remain on the ballot, Trudeau responds with some word salad about the importance of safe workplaces and claims it would be inappropriate to comment on the case. Right.

Sept. 3: After weeks of chirping at conservative-rules provinces for failing to implement vaccine passports, Trudeau admits — um, er — that a federal passport might not be available until next year.

Sept. 4: Raj Saini announces the end of his candidacy — and continues to deny and dismiss the pain of multiple former employees. Trudeau later complains he’s now down a candidate, saying it’s “far from ideal.” So are Saini and Trudeau.

Sept. 6: Justin Trudeau campaigns in a hospital — maskless, in some photos. Trudeau’s personal photographer, who captured the visit, deletes his Twitter account shortly afterwards. We’re sure it’s a mere coincidence.

Sept. 7: Media report that federal scientists refused to speak with doctors on pandemic planning due to the early election called by Justin Trudeau. Disgraceful.

Sept. 7: Liberal candidate Irene Walker spits some venom on Twitter — and Green Party Leader Annamie Paul condemns the tweet for being anti-Semitic, misogynistic and racist. Walker claims she apologized. Paul says she didn’t get one.

Sept. 7: When asked “who did more to lose your vote during the TVA debate?” in a poll by Liberal-friendly pollster Abacus Data, 30% selected Trudeau — the highest of any federal party leader.

Justin Trudeau is running out of time. What will he do to save his campaign?

Stay tuned, Canada!