Basic Income Canada Network

Published:December 18, 2021

Basic Income Canada Network



Watch Member of Parliament Lean Gazan’s speech on December 16, 20201 as she introduces Bill C-223, which if passed, would establish the first national framework to establish a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income for all persons over 17 across Canada.

Senator Kim Pate, in solidarity, on the same day introduced the same bill in the Senate as S-233. This is an important and historic development towards a basic income in Canada.

BICN is privileged to work with MP Gazan and Senator Pate and is a key supporter of this bill.

“Basic income is an urgent, effective, affordable solution to harmful system failures that deny financial security and dignity to far too many among us. We expect all parties and all levels of government to work together for the sake of our society and economy. And, as this bill describes, we need federal leadership, now.”

~ Basic Income Canada Network

Support for the Bill has also been expressed by Basic Income Manitoba

“This bill provides a pragmatic pathway to address the poverty and precarious employment that so many citizens and residents of Canada live with. The pandemic highlighted the patchwork of income security programs that fails so many Canadians. A basic income is an efficient  way  to ensure that Canadians no longer have to suffer from this failure.”

~ Basic Income Manitoba