When I have important news, I normally send out a Press Release. Not this time. This is a much more private gig.

As an old business guy, sometimes a quick Memo works best for certain scenarios. Thus, I forward this Memo directly to Alberta Voters – those who are legally eligible and willing to register and vote in an Alberta Referendum.

Please take no offence if you are not an actual Alberta Voter, or if you are a politician or a member of the media. This Memo is not directed to you, other than your personal Vote is welcome, Yes or No. If you are eligible, of course!

But, feel free to opine with your support, critiques, kudos, questions, or any other participation activities between now and June.


“Referendum For The People of Alberta”…



To: Alberta Voters

From: Greg Meakin

Re: Upcoming Alberta-51 Referendum

On June 30, 2023 your individual voice will finally be heard, when it comes to your beloved Alberta. You will have the opportunity to vote Yes, or No, on Alberta becoming the 51st State of the United States of America. Yes, or No. Just like that.

The Referendum question will be:

Do you want Alberta to become the 51st State of the US? Yes, or No.”

1. Referendum Day is June 30, 2023 starting at 9:30am

2. Voter-Tally will begin this January

3. A simple email will put you on the Voter-Tally List

4. Prior to Referendum, Voter will confirm eligibility

5. The Voter-Tally will be accurate, in the form of a Forensic Poll, and will be publicly announced June 30th

6. IF the Voter-Tally is over 50%, Forensic Poll/Referendum results will be formally submitted to the US Senate

7. If the Vote-Tally is under 50%, everybody shakes hands and goes away friends. Alberta will stay in Confederation

How to participate:

1. If you are or will be an eligible Alberta voter in 2023, simply email me (below) for now

2. You will immediately be put on the Voter-Tally List. You can stay anonymous if you choose

3. You don’t have to commit to Yes or No just yet – but if you have decided, your Vote will be tallied confidentially. You will be kept in the loop throughout, and contacted prior to Referendum Day

4. You don’t have to worry that your vote won’t count, or your voice won’t be heard. This Referendum/Forensic Poll is simply a DIRECT QUESTION to you as an Albertan, and will be accurately recorded…unlike most elections these days! Your voice will be heard, and the US Senate will listen (see below). 

Summary and Call-to-Action

I have voted in two Quebec Provincial Referendums, and was drawn to the plight of today’s Alberta, and the other western provinces, only in the past few years. I have  researched the Alberta-51 Movement closely, and have published extensive material on the subject.

On September 1, 2022, I published a Blueprint for Success for Alberta-51 to be successful, sooner rather than later. The following Memo, and scores of radio shows and podcasts I’ve done in the past year, have been discussions on this very Blueprint.

I have always theorized that a successful Alberta Independence endeavour would be initiated from the US side of the border. If the result of the forensic poll confirms a YES majority of Alberta voters, this Will of the People will be presented to the United States Senate.

It is my hope and expectation that a formal invitation will be forthcoming for Alberta to rejoin the Union.   –The US Constitution will drive this simple Freedom, 1A-2A issue.

There are numerous social media groups, politicians, and people in both Canada and the US who are in favor of Alberta-51 – and there are many skeptics and naysayers as well. This poll is 100% independent and clinical, but everyone is invited to the party here. Feel free to promote, educate, or just lend your voice to the June 30th Referendum.

But to be clear:
This Referendum/Forensic Poll is a direct question to the Alberta Voter only. This plan does not require the permission, endorsement, or even participation of any current politician in Alberta, or elsewhere in Canada (although that would be nice!).

No leaders have been chosen, no internal squabbling is invited, and no person or organization has influence in this process. There is no need at this point. Only the Referendum will begin this easily-workable formality, and there is no need to get the cart before the horse. The majority of the People could vote No.

Voters and accurate Votes are simply going to be tallied, and announced June 30, 2023.

At this moment, this Blueprint has the endorsement and future commitment of:

    * L. Gordon Kesler – Honorary First Governor of Alberta USA

    * Sheriff Mark Lamb – Honorary First Sheriff of Alberta USA

    * Val Olson
          Independent Journalist and Podcaster
          Coordinator of Vote-Tally
          Honorary Chair of the Arizona-48 Alberta-51 Welcome Home Committee!

A great number of formal endorsements and commitments are in process, and will be announced in the weeks and months to come. Stay tuned to my website, Val Olson’s Twitter Spaces podcasts, and Mike Filip’s radio show.

Email now. Your voice, and your vote, will finally be counted.

God bless,

Greg Meakin
Author, WHY I CAME TO AMERICA…and what I think now
Arizona City, Arizona
(Via Seattle, raised in Dorval Quebec)
Mainly Facebook and YouTube