Lee Brown

Published:June 14, 2022

-New York Post


A Missouri woman has confessed to burning alive her mom’s dog as a sacrifice in a sick ritual, according to authorities.

Brianna Lynn Lingo, 29, was busted in Moberly last Thursday after her mother called 911 to report her for killing her dog, according to a probably cause statement obtained by ABC 17.

Horrified officers found the body of the half-burned terrier mix in the courtyard firepit, the report said.

The mom, who was not identified, told cops that her daughter told her she had burned the helpless pooch as part of “a ritual sacrifice,” according to the police report, which did not elaborate, the outlet said.

Lingo twice admitted it, including after being read her rights, Moberly’s chief of police, Troy Link, told the outlet.

“It’s pretty much a straightforward case,” said the police chief, who had no recollection of other such cases in the city just north of Columbia.

Lingo was charged with two felonies: stealing an animal as well as animal abuse “by torture and/or mutilation while animal was alive,” court records show.

She is being held in Randolph County Jail on a $5,000 cash bond ahead of a hearing scheduled for next Tuesday, court records show.