by Adan Salazar

April 30, 2021



A gold and silver dealer in Canada says his sales shot up to $1 million after he banned face masks and patrons who’ve been vaccinated against coronavirus.

Steve Merrill, the owner of Sun City Silver and Gold Exchange in Kelowna, British Columbia, says he put the measures in place to protect his staff, clients and his merchandise.

“We would rather not be exposed to people who have been vaccinated and who could shed the virus,” Merill told

The precious metals dealer says he doesn’t trust assurances from “dumbass” health officials claiming the experimental vaccines are safe, or that they don’t shed, or leak, to non-vaccinated people.

“Shedding is real. It’s a problem now, and it is going to be a bigger problem as more and more people line up for these experimental vaccines,’” said Merrill.

One sign posted outside Merrill’s shop tells customers, “NOTICE: No face masks allowed,” adding, “Please lower your face diaper or go someplace else!”

Merrill says, besides thinking masks are “ridiculous,” it’s simply common sense to be able to see patrons’ faces in order to protect assets and inventory.

“Well, initially the ‘no masks’ were to protect us,” Merrill told KelownaNow.

“There’s live inventory in here, real silver and gold inventory, and allowing someone in the store with a mask who can’t be seen on the CTV seems like a bit of a contradiction.”

Another sign says, “If you’ve taken any Covid vaccine, no entry.”

“To assure the safety of ourselves and our existing clients, please be advised that Sun City Silver cannot allow entry to individuals who have taken the experimental Covid-19 vaccine,” the sign states.

“This decision has been made in consultation with health professionals and honest medical doctors who have warned the public of the numerous side-effects of the mRNA vaccines including viral shedding, seizures, blood clots, and death. The shedding especially makes you a health risk to us!”

Merrill says as a result of his policies, he’s seen orders and sales skyrocket in recent days.

“It’s actually been a boon to business. Since the masking sign went up, I’ve probably had close to $1 million worth of new orders from people who want to do business with someone who thinks like we do.”

Aside from being a “niche market,” Merrill says savvy customers who research vaccine side effects are more inclined to purchase precious metals.

“People who are doing their own homework with respect to vaccines or masks also historically are the type of people who do their own homework with regard to the monetary system. They’ve come to the conclusion that protecting some of their savings in a bank… with physical silver or gold is a good idea.”

While the shop owner said he hadn’t been harassed by local authorities for defying health mandates, a City of Kelowna representative told they have issued a fine to Sun City Silver for operating without a city business license.

But as far as Merrill is concerned, “The health authorities have proven themselves to be dumbasses.”