Charlene Aaron

October 29, 2021



When Jenny Weaver watched a movie called The Craft about a group of teen witches, she didn’t think much about it. Soon, she started following some of the occultic practices laid out in the film.

“What started off as something innocent where I’m just connecting with energy and the universe and vibes and all these innocent things that we see, took me down a path of just dark desperation,” Weaver told CBN News.

“I felt at one point I was living in like a haunted house,” Weaver continued. “I was hearing scratches on the wall right next to me. I would feel a brush by me and be terrified that somebody was here in the room with me. I always felt like I was being watched. It took me far into drugs. I ended up being homeless and on drugs, in and out of jails. For nine years of my life, I was in and out of a dark place.”

One night while in jail, Jenny whispered a prayer and surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. Today she serves as a worship leader at We Are Nations Church in Orlando, FL.

Weaver warns believers to be on guard as witchcraft and the occult are on the rise.

“I think media has done a good job of pushing something to the point where it’s now normalized,” she said. “We have shows as early as day care age promoting witchcraft and sorcery — ‘It’s ok boys and girls say these spell words with us.'” And it’s so ABC, preschool witchcraft, that it gets into the hearts and the minds of people, including the people in church,” said Weaver.

She added, “And people who are not really connected with the Lord and don’t understand, they’re easily deceived. And the Bible talks about even the very elect will be deceived. And so, people are going to a whole other source. That’s what they’re wanting. They want a healing crystal because they don’t understand that Jesus is the healer and there’s no other source that you can go to except through Jesus.”

Weaver said she is shocked at how widespread and accepting these dark practices have become, even within the church.

“I’m seeing it become very trendy on Tik Tok and things like that,” she explained. “There’s a whole generation of people who are being rocked to sleep by the enemy and it’s just really time for the church, what you’re doing, doing this interview, to sound the alarm and say no, we need to wake up and we need to say this is not right. This is not for my home, not for my kids.”

Weaver points out that the movie that introduced her to the dark side was remade in 2020.

“They recreated the movie and they invited real witches on the set, and they had the witches, before they would do a scene to cast spells and to invite the actresses to come into this circle with them while they were releasing spell words over the viewers and over the scene,” said Weaver. “People are playing it in their home and it’s entertainment. The first part of entertainment is ‘enter’. So be careful what’s entering your home.”


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She also highlighted other popular items connected to the occult.

“We’re seeing healing crystals,” said Weaver. “You’re seeing people wearing these third eye necklaces. Seeing people that are channeling their energy in chakras. And people communicating with ancestors and getting their ancestors’ spirits to give them power. I’m not talking about the world. I’m talking about, I’m having conversations with Christians who are doing these things.”

She went on to say, “I went to this store, it’s a very popular store, and I even hate to say their name, but it was Marshalls. And I was just blown away that Marshalls had actual witchcraft books. Like you can come in here and you can do this spell. And you can get this sage and you can get these; it was like a whole kit. And they’re selling it like it’s a holiday kit that you would buy someone.”

“And so, it’s really starting to be very mainstream, and I just feel like the church needs to be aware. The Bible says to stay away from those things of darkness but rather expose them, not to partake in them,” said Weaver.

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