March 16, 2022 — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau extended the deadline for his mass gun confiscations targeting government-licensed owners, as he struggles with obstacles including the near total rejection of his two-year-old attacks.

The government had hinted at the extension previously, and the crackdown may yet fail.


  • New Deadline Is 30 October 2023: Trudeau is now giving himself until 30 October 2023 to seize rifles and shotguns he unilaterally blacklisted by Order in Council (OIC) on 01 May 2020. The limited and partial amnesty is 18 months longer than his original goal of 30 April 2022.
  • Victim Compensation ‘In Early 2023’: Trudeau will begin offering compensation to confiscation victims “in early 2023.”
  • Published Today: Cabinet used a new OIC on 03 March to delay the seizure deadline, and published the extension today.
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Screenshot of New Order in Council Summary

Trudeau Extends Deadline for Gun Confiscations After Near Total Rejection
Screenshot of Order in Council dated 03 March 2021

Why It Matters

  • Hundreds of thousands of responsible gun owners targeted by Trudeau risk criminal charges, confiscations, police raids and jail if we keep our gear past his deadline.
  • Almost all affected owners have rejected Trudeau’s surrender order and aim to keep their hunting and sporting goods.
  • Trudeau is scrambling to execute his political attacks, slowed by bad policy, legislative delays, and as provincial premiers, police leaders and the public work to stop him.

Government Statement

“The Government is extending the Amnesty Order from April 30, 2022, to October 30, 2023, to address issues that have been identified since 2020, allow the Government time to implement the mandatory buyback program, and protect firearm owners as they come into compliance with the law,” the Ottawa-based Department of Justice said in today’s statement.


  • Trudeau’s mass-criminalization order of May 2020 is one of the biggest crackdowns against honest citizens by any democracy in history, both by the number of intended victims and the dollar amount.
  • He unilaterally declared hundreds of thousands of government-vetted gun owners to be in illegal possession of our firearms, and made it a crime for anyone to buy, sell, use, or move them.
  • He simultaneously offered gun owners a limited, partial and temporary “amnesty” to shield us from criminal charges on condition we keep our guns locked up at home.

Mendicino Discusses the Extension

Watch Marco Mendicino, the minister overseeing Trudeau’s crackdown, discuss the extension at a media briefing. He was responding to the Toronto Star’s Stephanie Levitz.