By Peter Aitken

July 25, 2023

-Fox News


Turkish couple went to a seaside cliff to celebrate their engagement only for the bride-to-be to fall to her death moments after the proposal.

“We chose it to have a romantic memory after the proposal. We drank some alcohol. Everything happened at once. She lost her balance and fell down,” Nizamettin Gursu, the would-be groom, told local news outlets.

Yesim Demir, 39, fell over the edge of the 100-foot-cliff at Polente Cape pin Canakkale in northwestern Turkey, where the couple had hoped to watch the sunset on July 6. Gursu returned to their car to get their picnic meal, but he heard a scream and ran back to find his fiance at the foot of the cliff.

She initially survived the fall, but medics declared her dead after 45 minutes of resuscitation efforts, The Sun reported. Local authorities closed off the area and opened an investigation.

Locals regularly visit the clifftop to watch the sunset, according to Demir’s friends, but they noted that the roads “are very bad” and “there is no precaution on the edge of the cliff.”

“A fence should be drawn here, precautions should be taken,” a friend told a local newspaper.

Authorities reopened the area “in a controlled manner” on July 15, according to the New York Post. They urged tourists and local visitors alike to be mindful of the cliff edge to avoid a similar incident.