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November 2, 2021

-Legal Insurrection


Why is it that the left thinks they can legitimize any cause by simply adding the word ‘justice’ to it?

The College Fix reports:

Professor works to advance ‘fat justice’

A professor at Iowa State University is working to advance a concept called “fat justice” as part of his overall scholarly body of work highlighting those not traditionally centered in
student equity and justice discourses.

TJ Stewart, assistant professor in the School of Education at Iowa State, is known in academic circles for research focused on “stigmatized identities,” what he describes as “the margins of the margins,” the University Innovation Alliance reports.

He recently co-authored a scholarly journal article headlined “‘Feeling good as hell’: Black women and the nuances of fat resistance.” The headline is a reference to a song by the popular pop singer Lizzo about feeling good about yourself.

The College Fix reached out to Stewart multiple times via email asking for a copy of the full article. No inquiries were answered. Its abstract states the paper is focused on differentiating between activism and resistance.

“Grounded in Black women’s ways of knowing, we explore the philosophical bounds of fat activism and fat resistance and through citing examples of Black women engaged in resistance to body-oppressive structures, we highlight the ways fat people and their accomplices (nonfat and non-fat identifying people) contribute to the collective effort for fat justice,” the abstract states.

“We illuminate potential pathways forward for recognizing a range of actions that contribute to the freedom of fat bodies.”

In an Oct. 14 interview with the University Innovation Alliance, Stewart argued that fat phobia and sizeism on campus “excludes larger people from the promise of higher education.”

For one, the professor said social and cultural ideas about fat people may perhaps prompt “violent experiences based on how people treat them socially or academically.”