By Fox News Staff

February 8, 2022

-Fox News


Fox News contributor Joe Concha ripped CNN for its coverage of Canada’s Freedom Convoy, arguing the network might as well be called “CGNN” for “Canadian Government News Network.” Concha slammed the coverage on “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday for its “ridiculous rhetoric” surrounding the movement, as truckers continue to push back on vaccine mandates.

JOE CONCHA: Then I see CNN covering the trucker convoy yesterday, and it really is an exhibit of what CNN became during the Jeff Zucker era. A three-part process, Dana. You have a so-called objective journalist take a partisan opinion, inject his or her opinion into that report, then turn it around and present it as straight news. I mean, you mentioned it, loaded words in that report. Sedition, insurrection, threat to democracy — over a protest. Did CNN use that kind of ridiculous rhetoric when describing what happened in Seattle during the Summer of Love of 2020, when literally a police station and several city blocks were taken over for weeks by left-wing activists [in] Portland? Remember that city? They were under a state of emergency for more than 100 nights. And CNN went out of its way to not only downplay it, but mocked this network for covering it. So you want to know what state TV looks like? You’re looking at it with that report from Canada. It might as well be called CGNN and the Canadian Government News Network at this point, Dana.