The Post Millennial

December 20, 2021

-The Post Millennial


A British Columbian senator has come out and said that Trudeau’s new protest law is undemocratic, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

Trudeau’s new law would threaten ten years of prison time for those who protest vaccines.

“Protest is one of the hallmarks of our democracy for unions and for different groups that want to put forward their views,” said Senator Larry Campbell.

“Any time we limit this, we lessen our freedoms,” he added. “I totally condemn the actions of a minority of Canadians who try to harass and intimidate health care workers.”

“These people are cowards and they should be sanctioned. But COVID should not be used to lessen the rights of people.”

Trudeau’s new law would imprison those who protest in a way that would impede a doctor or a nurse. It also bans those who “intentionally obstruct or interfere with another person’s lawful access” to a hospital or other medical facility.

Campbell was part of a group of senators who rebelled against this bill. 24 senators opposed this bill in the upper house as they wished to delay the process or at least amend it.

“Instead of new offences, police and Crown prosecutors should be utilizing already existing legislation,” said Campbell in a speech to the senate.

“I ask you, do you think the courts would actually sentence someone to 10 years in jail for this new crime? I think not.”