Published:June 21. 2021



Unvaccinated sperm is the next Bitcoin, they say. After all, the world’s top crypto is an “apocalyptic safe haven” in which to store value before the world collapses into a Mad Max-meets-Johnny Mnemonic operatic hellscape.

The notion that unvaccinated sperm price will outperform Bitcoin and gold has floated around Twitter since COVID-19 vaccines rolled out earlier this year.

Propaganda-powered accounts amplifying anti-vax disinformation have memefied the idea, latching onto Bitcoin’s growing presence in the mainstream zeitgeist for engagement.








The meme goes: COVID-19 vaccines will go so terribly wrong that baby-crazy women will be forced to pay top dollar for sperm from men who’ve opted out of The Great Reset.

“Unvaccinated sperm counts [sic] could rise faster than Bitcoin,” tweeted one such account, boosting another which said “men who refuse the [vaccine] are the hottest men on planet [Earth].”

“We straight broads [love] men who refuse to bend the knee [and] kiss the ring of medical tyranny.”


“Look up the price of sperm if you want a shock: it’s more bonkers than Bitcoin,” wrote one columnist in The Guardian this January.








Indeed, unvaccinated sperm hype is increasingly placed beside pro-Brexit shitposts on propagandized timelines across Twitter.

All this while Sweden (like the US) suffers intense semen shortages. Donors have avoided hospitals due to the coronavirus pandemic, delaying inseminations and “driving up wait times by years,” relayed Reuters in April.

“We’re running out of sperm. We’ve never had so few donors as during the last year,” said the head of Gothenburg’s University Hospital reproduction unit to reporters (our emphasis).

So, could unvaxxed jizz really be the next crypto?