By Euronews

October 4, 2021



Doctors at a hospital in Lithuania have found more than a kilogram of small metal objects inside a man’s stomach.

The patient at Klaipėda University Hospital had an assortment of nails, screws, nuts, wood screws and other foreign bodies inside him, in a case doctors said was highly unusual.

He was admitted to the hospital in the Baltic port of Klaipeda after complaining of severe abdominal pain.

An X-ray examination revealed the metal objects, some of them up to 10cm long, had lacerated the man’s stomach.

All the objects were removed from his stomach during a three-hour operation, surgeon Sarunas Dailidenas said.

He added that while foreign bodies are not rare in the patients’ gastrointestinal tract, this case was unique due to the large number of objects.

The hospital provided the media with a picture of the nails and screws removed from the man’s stomach.

“We have never seen anything like this,” Algirdas Slepavicius, chief surgeon at Klaipeda hospital, told local media.

The doctor explained that the man had started swallowing metal objects in recent weeks after he stopped drinking.

The patient was in a stable condition after the operation and continues to be monitored and treated by the hospital, he added.