October 5, 2021



UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson puzzled British social media users on Tuesday after he posted a video of himself buttering toast and saying “Build Back Butter” – a play on his ‘Build Back Better’ slogan.

The seven-second video showed the prime minister buttering a piece of toast in a suit and tie while sitting in front of two newspapers: The Sun and The Daily Telegraph. As he looked towards the camera, grinning, Johnson declared, “Build Back Butter.”

Though the post received over 5,000 likes, many Brits were stunned by the joke, calling it “desperately embarrassing.”

However, it isn’t the first comedy sketch video that Johnson has posted on social media recently.

On Monday, the prime minister shared an eight-second clip of himself eating fish and chips and declaring, “Build Back Batter,” while on Sunday, he drank a pint of beer on camera and said, “Build Back Bitter.”

Both videos bemused Brits who questioned why exactly Johnson was publishing the sketches.

According to the UK government, Build Back Better refers to Johnson’s priority to “focus on economic recovery” by “supporting employment through the Plan for Jobs and ensuring investment levels up opportunity” following the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. The slogan has previously been used internationally for disaster-related plans and was US President Joe Biden’s campaign slogan in 2020.

It remains to be seen whether Johnson will continue with the gag through Wednesday and beyond.

c. RT