Written By Counter Signal Wire

Published:September 7, 2021

-The Counter Signal


Alberta MLA Peter Guthrie just announced that the Alberta government plans to introduce QR Codes for Albertans to use as a vaccine passport.

In an apology to his constituents, Guthrie says that he is troubled with the government’s push for more restrictions as a reaction to increasing strain on the health care system and that he believes vaccine passports will only further divide Alberta and disparage the unvaccinated.

“During last week’s announcement, it was also revealed to me that the province will be introducing a QR Code for Albertans to use as proof of vaccination for organizations choosing to introduce a so-called ‘vaccine passport’,” Guthrie writes.

“Such a move suggests that the government’s position on this practice is shifting,” he continues, referring to Premier Jason Kenney’s flip flop. “Various public opinions exist on the use of vaccine passports, but I am not convinced it is a good practice for domestic use as it not only limits access to services and isolates individuals, it also provides a false sense of security for those who are vaccinated — all of which increases the divisions we, unfortunately, see now.”

Guthrie then adds that the vaccination efficacy is shaky at best — given existing data from places like Israel — with immunity from the vaccine falling after just six months. Thus, he predicts that governments will increase emphasis on booster shots.

Guthrie’s statements now confirm what was previously only a rumour, although government officials had hinted at the plan on September 3.

The first to mention the government introducing a QR Code as a vaccine passport was NDP Leader Rachel Notley less than a week ago. At the time, she attacked Kenney for his initial opposition to vaccine passports, mask mandates, and overall handling of the pandemic.

Kenney’s position has subsequently changed radically, announcing new provincial restrictions, as well as mask mandates. He also went to great lengths to convince Albertans to get vaccinated, going so far as to offer a 100 dollar bribe for receiving a single dose.