September 8, 2021

-Big League Politics


The US State Department issued a statement scolding Afghanistan’s new Taliban government for its all-male composition, in a development that raises questions about the priorities of the department.

In a statement provided to the Hill, the State Department described Afghanistan’s new government as “[consisting] exclusively of individuals who are members of the Taliban or their close associates and no women.

The State Department mentioned that they believe the Taliban only intends the current Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan government to serve on an interim basis. “We have made clear our expectation that the Afghan people deserve an inclusive government,” said the State Department.

Following the pathetic capitulation of the US-backed puppet government in Afghanistan, there’s little to no reason to think the Islamist militant group would take any strongly worded press releases or sanctimonious statements from the State Department seriously.

Neoliberals have tried to sell the premise of nation-building wars in the Islamic world on the basis of introducing western-style feminism, a questionable experiment that appears to have ended as a fruitless endeavor in the example of Afghanistan. The failure of the Afghanistan project appears to be one of the most considerable embarrassments for western liberalism in a generation, with the country’s Islamist regime returning to power almost instantly after the end of American military presence.

The State Department also pointed to terrorist operations organized by many of the Taliban figures in Afghanistan’s new government, including a 2008 Kabul hotel attack that killed six people, including an American citizens. The Taliban’s interior minister, Sarajuddin Haqqan, is wanted in connection to the bombing.