Written By Thomas Lambert

Published:October 11, 2021

-The Counter Signal


In a viral embarrassment for the state broadcaster, the CBC has been caught using a dummy prop in place of an actual patient in a segment supposedly documenting ‘skyrocketing’ ICU numbers in Edmonton.

In a tweet that went viral, a mannequin can be seen in full hospital dress, bedded in an ICU, and hooked up to a LIFEPAK ventilator.

As Rebel News owner Ezra Levant points out, it is unclear who took the time to carefully craft this scene — the “state broadcaster or the government health ministry.”

Alberta’s hospitals are overwhelmed. Just ask Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster. They even have a picture! My question is: who put the mannequin in the ICU bed — the state broadcaster or the government health ministry? Or is this fake news a collaboration between the two? https://t.co/Z08HyiefcB

— Ezra Levant 🍁 (@ezralevant) October 10, 2021

While privacy laws prevent news stations from showing patients’ faces without their consent, the fact the CBC could not find a single patient willing to speak out on the dire conditions in Alberta hospitals for this segment is damning.

As patients’ faces are often blurred out, this trickery begs the question: ‘How many times has the CBC fooled the public with a mannequin?’

This incident also falls nicely into a global trend of mainstream news outlets setting up ICU dummies to fool the public regarding the seriousness of the pandemic intentionally.

Moreover, if hospitals are so overburdened, how on Earth do they have the extra beds to spare for ICU dummies, and how do they find the time to craft such elaborate set pieces?

Unfortunately, we may never know.