May 27, 2021

-Global News


The Calgary Police Service said Edmonton officers apprehended Kevin J. Johnston on Wednesday, marking the second time he has been arrested in relation to an Alberta Health Services injunction.

CPS said the 49-year-old Calgary mayoral candidate was wanted on a Criminal Code warrant for causing a disturbance and for being part of an illegal public gathering in contravention of the Court of Queen’s Bench order. AHS was granted a pre-emptive injunction by the court on May 6 against organizers of illegal gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Police said the charges stem from an incident on May 22 at the CORE Shopping Centre in downtown Calgary, when “several” employees reported “significant concerns for their safety after multiple altercations with Johnston.”

Officers allege that he went into stores without wearing a mask and “verbally abused” employees who asked that he wear one. They allege that Johnston left the stores only to return moments later with several anti-maskers, who joined in on the verbal confrontation with employees while livestreaming.

“Many of the employees were young people who were either working alone or with one other person and feared for their safety as a result of the confrontation by the group,” CPS said in a news release.

“This kind of targeted harassment will not be tolerated.”

CPS said Johnston was arrested without incident by the Edmonton Police Service on Wednesday.

Police said the investigation continues into the actions of the other individuals who were with Johnston during the store confrontations.

CPS previously arrested Johnston on May 15 for attending an illegal public gathering.