by National File

May 22, 2021



Video footage from the Goerge Floyd Square left-wing autonomous zone shows an American man performing a nighttime raid on the George Floyd Square autonomous zone in Minneapolis, Minnesota, tearing down the border wall that blocks vehicle traffic and inflicting damage on a guard post with an axe.

In the video, the man inflicts significant damage on the Autonomous Zone’s defenses, destroying barriers and “Black Lives Matter” signage with his bare hands before eventually attacking the garishly spray-painted outbuilding with a fire axe.

The incident drew praise from American citizens who are frustrated with the refusal of law enforcement to take action against the violent, lawless autonomous zone.

Though the autonomous zone’s official George Floyd Square Instagram attempted to cope with the damage caused by the raid in a post captioned, “We fine,” several members of the autonomous community’s makeshift armed forces expressed anguish over how easily the compound’s defenses were breached.

The Autonomous Zone’s border patrol forces are noted for their zeal during daytime hours, threatening reporters who stray too close with violence:

Video footage from the autonomous zone at the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis, Minnesota shows a pair of black bloc-clad Black Lives Matter journalists threatening an American news reporter, telling him “you’re gonna be in a bad situation in a second” and “you need to get in your car and go.”

NewsNation reporter Brian Entin was providing coverage of the George Floyd Autonomous Zone, standing in front of the makeshift barricade used to cordon off the border of the anarchist settlement, when two diminutive masked individuals in black bloc antifa gear confronted him and ordered him to leave.

“You’re gonna have a bad situation here in a second,” the male border guard announced, appearing to hold an unidentified object in his right hand which he quickly clasped behind his back.

“Oh, I thought if we were on this side of the barricade – ” Entin attempted to explain, but was interrupted by the female border guard, who stated, “No, you need to go.

When asked, “What do you mean by that,” the Black Lives Matter activist replied, “Because you’ve been called out for what you are, you need to get outta here. We know what you are, you need to get in your car and go.”