Published:September 23, 2021

-New York Post


A boy, estimated to be 11 years old, pistol whipped a driver as he helped his mom commit a carjacking in St. Louis on Tuesday, cops said.

The mom-and-son duo made off with a 2017 Nissan Rogue after they forced its stunned 48-year-old driver out of his SUV, KMOV-TV reported.

The victim, who wasn’t identified, was filling up his vehicle at a gas station near Grand Avenue and Osceola Street in the city, KSDK-TV said, citing police.

The mother asked for a ride and the man reportedly agreed.

But, the mom snagged the keys from the ignition as the kid pulled out a handgun and whacked the driver in the face, according to the station.

The mother then dragged the victim out of the car, and the two sped off, KSDK stated.

Not surprisingly, participating in the crime at a young age worried Webster University instructor Dr. Muthoni Musangali, who was interviewed by the station.

“I just think this puts him on the wrong path,” Musangali said. “Desensitization to violence at such a young age, it means the young boy may be more likely to engage in violence, aggressive behavior or even criminal activity in the future.”