by Alberto de la Cruz

September 18, 2021

-Babalu Blog


While the Cuban people take the brunt of the communist Castro dictatorship’s brutal repression, since the July 11th uprising, Cuban generals have been dropping like flies. Since the protests two months ago, a dozen generals have gone on to meet their maker.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

A retired Brigadier General in Cuba dies, making twelve officers dead since July 11

Stellar News on Cuban state-run television reported the death of Reserve Brigadier General Hiraldo Antonio Mora Orozco, who passed away on September 16 from COVID-19.

In an announcement from the Ministry of Armed Forces, it was reported that the officer was part of the First Column of the Rebel Army under the command of Fidel Castro and after 1959, he served as an infantry and tank battalion chief, head of the anti-aircraft artillery regiment and the tank division, and the Second in Command of the Juvenile Labor Army, among other duties.

He also commanded troops during the so-called “Escambray cleansing” against armed Cubans who rose up against Fidel Castro’s regime and served three tours in Angola with the Cuban military operations that intervened in the war in that country.

“His body will be cremated and his ashes placed in the Veterans’ Pantheon in the Necropolis of Colon,” said the announcement in conclusion.

According to state-run media, Mora Orozco is the third high-ranking officer of the Revolutionary Armed Forces to die in the past week and a half. He is the 12th to pass away since July 11, when massive protests against the regime shook the island.

From that date on, obituaries for high-ranking officials published by state-run media have been frequent.