Tyler Durden

December 22, 2021



Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

The absurdity of new COVID rules introduced in Wales was exposed after it was confirmed that people can now be fined for showing up to work but are still free to go on pub crawls.

“No person may leave the place where they are living, or remain away from that place, for the purposes of work or to provide voluntary or charitable services,” states new guidance issued by the government.

Those who flout the new ‘work from home’ rules, introduced in the name of stopping the spread of the Omicron variant, face fines of £60 for each infraction, while companies could be hit with fines of up to £10,000.

While workers will be punished for showing up at the office, they will be free to get drunk in a packed pub at Christmas and on New Years Eve.

“From Monday, Welsh residents will be liable to a fine of £60 if they go to work in their office. They may, however, legally spend all day in the pub,” Conservative MP for Clwyd West David Jones tweeted.

Jones questioned how police would even determine if a person could work from home instead of going to the office, since arguments for the necessity of being on site at the workplace are abundant.

“The Welsh Govt’s approach to public health is unusual,” he added. “You can’t go to work but can sit in Wetherspoon’s all day. You can’t watch a football match from an open-air stand but can watch it on TV in a crowded bar. Are there some peculiarly antiviral properties that prevail in pubs?”

Meanwhile, in Scotland, visitors to nightclubs have been told that they must keep a distance of one meter away from the nearest person at all times, something that is virtually impossible on a crowded dancefloor.

This follows a recent update of the rules in Ireland, where authorities confirmed people didn’t have to wear face masks on the dancefloor but would have to wear them if they left the dancefloor to go to the bar or the bathroom.

And if you’re wondering how any of this makes sense, don’t waste your time, because it doesn’t.

The entire process appears to be just more social engineering to enforce compliance with rules and regulations that deliberately become increasingly more asinine and bewildering.