September 11, 2021

-Big League Politics


A former Afghan Army commando has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in Taliban terrorist activities after being evacuated to the United Kingdom, in a development likely to raise suspicion after the vetting practices used by western countries in evacuating hundreds of thousands of Afghan nationals.

The suspected traitor had worked with British military personnel during NATO operations in the country, and was airlifted out of the country on August 21st- even as British military personnel accused him of spying on behalf of the Taliban, linking him to terrorist attacks on western-backed Afghan military personnel.

Ten days after arriving in Britain, the currently unidentified man was arrested on suspicion of Taliban loyalties, with British anti-terror police raiding a hotel where he was quarantining with his family. The alleged double agent was arrested on terrorism charges and is being held at HMP Belmarsh, Britain’s equivalent of US maximum security prisons such as ADX Florence.

Military personnel familiar with the alleged traitor recount suspicions regarding missing explosives and cash he was accused of stealing. The Daily Mail reports that the alleged Taliban traitor’s wife has said he’s being deported back to Afghanistan.

The US Department of Homeland Security has flagged 44 Afghanistan evacuees as potential national security threats, with the Biden administration doing little to screen and vet the more than 100,000 nationals of Afghanistan who have been provided special immigration privileges to travel to the United States in the wake of the US-backed puppet government’s capitulation to the Taliban.

Reports have emerged suggesting that government officials have allowed Afghanistan evacuees reign to travel freely and leave military bases where they’re being interned in the United States, in what some members of Congress have identified as a serious national security threat to the American public.

The overwhelming majority of Afghanistan evacuees appear to be fighting-age young men who declined to stay and participate in resistance operations against the Taliban, abandoning their country in hopes of securing immigration and welfare privileges in the west.