August 23, 2021

-BizPac Review


In what apparently is a legitimate tweet from Joe Biden’s social media account rather than satire from the Babylon Bee or another parody site, the president reminded people who are caught up in Tropical Storm Henri or its aftermath of what’s really important.

“To those in Henri’s path: Don’t forget that you may need to seek shelter while we’re still battling COVID-19 and the Delta variant. So wear a mask and try to observe social distancing. And to everyone across the country, don’t get caught by the next storm. Get vaccinated now,” the tweet recommended.

Henri, which started out as a hurricane, swept through the eastern seaboard bringing with it heavy rain and winds, power outages, flash flooding, and some evacuations in coastal areas as it made landfall. The storm prompted several northeast governors and mayors to declare states of emergency and advise constituents to shelter in place.

Rain continues to fall at this writing in some areas, leading to the possibility of more flash flooding, although officials at the National Hurricane Center have downgraded Henri to a tropical depression.

Biden has promised that states that got slammed in the storm will receive full backing at the federal level.

Although this tweet was presumably issued by a staffer rather than Biden himself, it does serve in a way as a callback — in an entirely different context — to Fox News anchor Chris Wallace’s on-air question on Sunday: “Does the president not know what’s going on?”

Lots of Americans evidently feel the same way.

As a thought experiment, imagine the reaction from the political/media establishment had President Donald Trump tweeted out the same or similar messaging in the midst of a weather-related disaster.

With a wide-open southern border even as the president expressed concern in his tweet about the Delta variant of COVID-19, Border Patrol union officials have warned that the Biden administration is allegedly releasing illegal aliens into the country on a routine basis who either have the coronavirus or haven’t been tested.