Published:May 4, 2022

-PJ Media


An “Anarchist Collective” called the Four Thieves Vinegar Collective that specializes in do-it-yourself medicine released detailed instructions for how to make misoprostol — a drug that induces abortions.

The anarchists have also released instructions on how to make Epinephrine and Daraprim, the pill that made “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli infamous.

But it doesn’t appear the quacks have quite figured out this abortion pill stuff yet.


“The first thing to mention is this has been put together with a little bit of haste,” Laufer says. “There’s been a great deal of panic because the Republic of Texas has gotten up to some shenanigans to benefit people who are in power and to keep a bunch of other people powerless.”

Laufer repeatedly shared the video again Monday night after a leaked court decision showed that the Supreme Court is planning to overturn Roe v. Wade, which would automatically trigger total abortion bans in nearly half of U.S. states. When a Twitter user asked if there was a writeup of their “hypothetical” abortion pill manufacturing process, Laufer responded with a link to the video.

“Not hypothetical at all. Go forth and rock it,” Laufer tweeted.

And the left complained about ivermectin?

Indeed, there are similarities between ivermectin and misoprostol. Both are prescribed for horses, which makes them easier to obtain since you can purchase them from a local vet.

Laufer explains in the video how to dose misoprostol and how to press it into pills using a scale, corn syrup, powdered sugar, a spray bottle, and a pollen press. They explain that a three-dose regimen of misoprostol is 85 percent effective in inducing abortion. If taken with mifepristone, another abortion pill, that rate rises to 95 percent effectiveness, though raw mifepristone is harder to source.

Motherboard cannot speak to the safety of making your own pills, and the Four Thieves Vinegar Collective has been criticized by some in the pharmaceutical and medical establishment who think that making DIY medicine isn’t safe under any circumstances.

Yeah, what does the government know about safe pharmaceuticals anyway?

But the anarchists are right about one thing: there are going to be more women seeking homemade alternatives to medical abortion. “If Roe is overturned, we are going to see more people seeking DIY abortion methods, which will include making their own abortion pills,” says Mr. Laufer.

The women who contemplate making their own abortion pills should ask themselves — as stark as the choice is — is it better to be dead than have a baby? That’s the chance they’ll be taking every time they try one of these cockamamie homeopathic remedies created by pro-abortion fanatics who care more about killing babies than the health of the mother.