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May 7, 2021

-Big League Politics


On May 5th, the Arizona House of Representatives passed a bill that aims to bar racist, sexist, and politicized instruction in Arizona schools. The “Unbiased Teaching Act,” a floor amendment proposed by State Representative Michelle Udall (R-25), chair of the House Education Committee, was added into SB 1532, which was passed by the House with the unanimous backing of all 31 House Republicans.

“Racism cannot be combated by teaching children to be racist,” said Representative Udall.  “Our country has not always lived up to the concept that ‘all men are created equal,’ still, it is a fundamental ideal that should be upheld by our schools, government institutions, and society.  Judging individuals by the color of their skin, ethnic heritage, or sex is deeply wrong.  To teach our children otherwise is immoral and fuels corrosive societal tensions within our state and nation.”

Under the act, a school district, charter school, or state agency is prohibited from requiring teachers to engage students in controversial issues of public policy or social affairs provided they are not essential to the course learning objectives. Should these topics be brought up by students in class, teachers are required to present diverse opinions on the issue, while taking care to not show favoritism towards one or the other.

“Issues related to race and sex are appropriate for discussion in an educational environment, and the Unbiased Teaching Act does nothing to prevent that,” added Udall. “In fact, learning about terrible abuses that have occurred in the name of racism or sexism is important if framed in proper context, but no student should ever be taught that a person’s race, ethnicity or sex determines his or her character, bias, treatment, or worth.”

Other components include prohibiting any kind of assignment, coursework, or class credit that involves students advocating for a social or political policy of any form.

“Political advocacy, propaganda, and biased, one-sided viewpoints taught as fact have no place in a classroom,” said Udall. “If dealing with a divisive controversial topic, educators should present the subjects in a responsible, balanced way that encourages students to think for themselves and draw their own conclusions.”

Such legislation and grassroots initiatives are gaining traction all over the country as parents and honest public servants combat the Woke indoctrination sweeping over much of public instruction, inculcating the rising generations with nothing but antipathy for true American values.

The Arizona  bill will now make its way over to the house and is expected to reach the Governor’s desk.