by Liberty Loft News

July 29, 2021

-The Liberty Loft


Charlotte, NC — It seems that one of the large COVID vaccine manufacturers is considering calling it quits. Reuters is reporting that AstraZeneca is considering options to exit the vaccine business it was so ready to jump into just a few months ago.

A company official said that the organization is trying to determine if the vaccine business is sustainable for the organization. It’s a surprising statement given that the company had very little expense out of its own pockets for the vaccine.

AstraZeneca received millions in government aid to help develop and manufacture the COVID vaccine that it produced. In fact, the cost to the company was only 2-3% of the total cost to develop the vaccine, leaving it to profit millions from the technology once the pandemic was over.

The company official said that it is a strategic question as to whether the company wants to remain in the business. But could it be that there is another reason?

Millions across the globe continue to argue over the safety and effectiveness of the COVID vaccine. The vaccines have proved that they do not prevent infection with COVID, as vaccinated people are being infected with the Delta variant.

While governments have been quick to grant immunity for vaccine manufacturers, could it be that AstraZeneca is seeing the writing on the wall? Could it be they know something about these vaccines that we do not?

Only time will tell the real reason. The vaccine production industry is a multibillion dollar industry for those involved. AstraZeneca had never been involved in vaccine development and production until the COVID vaccine.