by Ben Warren

May 26, 2021



A new tent city has sprouted just outside of Austin’s City Hall, and it even has its own machete-wielding “security,” according to reports.

On Monday, local news spoke with the denizens occupying the homeless camp when, during the middle of an interview, a man with a machete interrupted the conversation.

Local TV station KXAN reports:

On Monday, KXAN spoke with a woman experiencing homelessness at City Hall who explained that those camping outside of the building have formed their own “security detail.”

“We have a whole security team here,” Trisha English said, adding that she and others work shifts to make sure they’re securing the area 24 hours a day. She says when it’s her turn, she wears a bulletproof vest.

“I secure this camp to make sure everybody’s okay and make sure things do not get deescalated [sic] to the point where they have to call APD because APD is completely corrupted,” English said.

During the interview with English, a man with a machete came up, asking English if she wanted the KXAN News crew there. The man said to the news crew that he was part of the encampment’s security detail.

This particular camp was created in “protest” to Austin voters overwhelmingly deciding to reinstate the ban on camping on public land.

Despite this, Democrat Mayor Steve Adler is allowing the homeless crisis to spiral out of control.

Additionally, Council Member Mackenzie Kelly tweeted that she was being harassed by a man with a “metal pipe and at least one knife” while walking near City Hall.

Earlier this month, the homeless camped outside City Hall said they were ready to wage violence against police if they were forced to leave

becausee they have “nothing to lose.”