September 25, 2021

-Big League Politics


While Australia is already becoming infamous as the worst offender of her own citizen’s rights within the Anglosphere, the enforcers of lockdown tyranny seem to be in a bid to outdo themselves. From using helicopters to enforce draconian and repeated lockdown measures to going to people’s front doors that the government suspects of planning to attend a lockdown protest, the low-hanging fruit of government tyranny has largely been picked, necessitating the use of even more authoritarian enforcement measures to break their own records.

Such an opportunity seems to have presented itself on the 24th of September when a passerby captured a 31-second video of what looks like a male police officer choking a female civilian and assaulting her to the ground simply for not wearing a mask. Outdoors.

Australia keeps falling.

The start of the video shows the police officer already grabbing the much smaller female civilian by the throat. The female civilian repeatedly announces, as best as she is able to while being grabbed, that the officer is choking her. To the side of the video, what looks like a possible second officer’s hand is motioning out toward the female civilian’s hands and asking her to stop grabbing the vest of the officer that she says is choking her.

The second part of the video shows the same male officer having pushed the female civilian to the ground face first and then proceeding to place himself on top of her back in an effort to secure both her arms behind her back. A captioned voice behind the video, presumably the person who took the video is calling the officer “pathetic” for going through all the fuss of apprehending the female civilian for simply not wearing a less-than-useful piece of cloth over her face when outside her place of residence.

According to Breitbart, the female civilian has been arrested on charges of resisting police and assaulting police and the matter has been referred to an internal Victoria police review body.