October 22, 2021

-Jeffrey Lord


As all of America knows, President Joe Biden opposes building a wall on the southern border. This past summer this was the headline in The New York Post:

Biden spending over $2B to halt border wall construction amid migrant crisis

His Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, is also a staunch opponent of building the wall.

Got it.  So how to explain this revelation at

As can be seen, an outfit named Turnerstone Holdings, LLC has been awarded a contract for $456,548 by the Department of Homeland Security – that would be the very DHS run by Secretary Mayorkas.

And what is the purpose?

Here’s the headline from the Cape Gazette, a local paper covering the cape area of – yes, you guessed it – Delaware.

$455,000 fence being installed at Biden’s beach house

The story reports that the DHS contract award is recent, as other security measures – road closures, etc.- were in effect for Biden’s first two visits to his beach house as president. Reports the Gazette:

“Now, when Biden visits for a third time, a security fence will either be finished or close to it. According to the website, an online database of federal government spending, the Department of Homeland Security, with the Secret Service as the subagency, recently awarded a $455,000 contract to Rehoboth’s Turnstone Builders for “purchase and installation of security fencing at 32 Fairview, Rehoboth Delaware.”

As of Oct. 20, construction on the wall had not started, but according to the website, it is expected to be completed by the end of the year.”

Got that?  While illegals pour over the US southern border, Biden is halting the construction of the border wall that is designed to, among other things, provide security for the American citizens living on the American side of the border.

But when it comes to himself? There is Joe Biden’s wall-opposing Secretary of HHS heading a department that has awarded just over $455,000 in taxpayer dollars to build a wall – around Joe’s beach house.

No hypocrisy there.  Ya can’t make it up.