January 18, 2022

-Big League Politics


A provision in Biden’s infrastructure bill signed into law in November potentially provides the federal government with means to deactivate automobiles remotely, raising massive civil liberty concerns.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act requires that American vehicle manufacturers implement a remote “vehicle kill switch by 2026.”

The system is supposedly intended to combat drunk driving, outlining a means to “passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.” The bill’s text on the considerably vague provision mandates that the system be “open,” suggesting that corporations and government will be provided with the means to incapacitate automobiles and even turn them off in action.

The system potentially provides the federal-corporate industrial complex with a means to perform searches and seizures of Americans’ cars independently of the legal system, with corporations such as Tesla already implementing systems intended to air in the repossession of vehicles against the owner’s consent.

The system in its “passive” activation will potentially collect unprecedented amounts of information on the driving habits of Americans, in addition to potentially even audio of conversations inside- all plausibly accessible to corporate spies without the inconvenience of a search warrant.

Liberal oligarchs have increasingly sought to price out car ownership away from the average middle-class American, citing supposed environmental concerns and proposing a regressive carbon tax to force Americans onto crowded and dangerous buses and cities in the exportation of heavily urbanized transportation practices.