OAN Newsroom

november 26, 2021



Joe Biden is reportedly planning to reinstate 45th president’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy after around 2 million illegal aliens breached the U.S. border this year. According to reports Thursday, Biden plans to restore Donald Trump’s policy “as promptly as possible.” Biden’s officials also said illegal migrants will have a chance to take the COVID-19 vaccine before being returned to Mexico.

This move comes after the ‘Remain in Mexico’ was upheld by the Supreme Court earlier this year while ruling that the Biden administration violated federal law by trying to end the Trump-era program. Republican lawmakers have repeatedly demanded the policy be reinstated.

“Those to me in their totality to any rational person would suggest to me we got a crisis that we need to work on,” stated Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) on the number of migrants at the border. “We can debate the ethicality of the prior administration’s policies, the problems that I have with some of the current policies, but I do think we need to recognize there’s a problem.” 

Earlier this week, Mexico effectively broke-up a U.S.-bound caravan by offering migrants visas to live and work in Mexico.

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