May 5, 2021

-Western Standard


Officials with the Bowden and District Agricultural Society are demanding an apology from Alberta Premier Jason Kenney who has gone on multiple tirades against the No More Lockdowns Rodeo event that took place near there over the weekend.

On social media on Sunday, Kenney called the rodeo “disturbing.”

“It is disturbing to see large numbers of people gathering this weekend at Bowden in flagrant violation of COVID-19 public health measures,” Kenney said on his Facebook page.

“We are all sick of this. We all want it to end. Thousands of Albertans are following the rules, sacrificing travel and social gatherings to do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19. Not only are gatherings like this a threat to public health, they are a slap in the face to everybody who is observing the rules to keep themselves and their fellow Albertans safe.

“On a personal note, I’m angered and saddened to see so many people selfishly put themselves ahead of others. Rodeo celebrates Alberta’s Western heritage, a key part of which is our community spirit and looking out for others, especially the vulnerable. That’s the opposite of what these folks are doing.”

On Monday, Kenney said that tougher lockdowns and restrictions were coming, driven by Albertans not complying with existing orders, like those at the rodeo.

Kenney’s comments didn’t sit well with town officials.

The Town of Bowden and the BDAS sent out a joint statement about Kenney’s comments on Tuesday.

“The event was held on private property outside of the municipal boundaries of the Town of Bowden.” said the statement.

“The Town of Bowden and the Bowden and District Agricultural Society did not endorse or have any involvement in this event.

“Alberta Health Services (AHS) had knowledge of the event and we were informed that they had jurisdiction.”

But Bowden and District Agricultural Society (BDAS) president Keith Bailey went even further about Kenney dragging the town through the mud.