By Keean Bexte

Published: May 24, 2021

-Counter Signal



The Government of Alberta has ordered all four of the province’s research institutions to suspend any new research partnerships with the communist regime in China.

The conservative Minister of Advanced Education, Demetrios Nicolaides, insisted that “research originating in Alberta’s taxpayer-funded postsecondary institutions could be used to undermine Canada and her democratic allies and to facilitate the People’s Republic of China’s human-rights abuses at home against its citizens,” in an email to the universities.

“I hope you agree that such an outcome would be wholly unacceptable and morally deplorable,” he added.

“To this end,” the email reads, “I ask that your institutions pause the pursuit of any new or renewed partnerships with PRC/CCP-linked entities, undertake a thorough review of your institution’s relationships with entities potentially linked to the PRC/CCP, and ensure these ongoing partnerships follow stringent risk assessments and due diligence.”

This decision will make waves internationally and domestically. Prime Minister Trudeau has yet to respond to Alberta leading Canada’s way in the ongoing diplomatic fight against China.

Alberta however, is not alone, as western allies grow more awake to the threat of the genocidal nation. One by one, European nations have begun following Canadian parliamentarians’ lead in condemning the Chinese government for the atrocities being committed against the minority Muslim population in Xinjiang.

The news comes days after it was revealed that seven Trudeau funded researchers have been sharing experiments on Ebola and other deadly pathogens with the Chinese, and only one day after it was revealed that the Wuhan Institute of Virology almost certainly holds responsibility for the inception of COVID-19.

The move will be a popular one among Albertans, with Nicolaides adding that even the universities have demonstrated a “strong openness and willingness” to take on the Chinese threat to our provincial and national security, according to a Globe report.

Unfortunately, the order falls short of expelling all Chinese Communist Party linked students and staff from those same institutions.

Public estimates from 2005 suggest China then had 1,000 active intelligence assets in the country. That number has only increased as China has assumed a more aggressive intelligence presence in the west over the last decade.

The Alberta Government gave a 90 day deadline for universities to provide a breakdown of all ongoing agreements with the Chinese state, and what it would take to cancel them.