Austin Lee

Updated:March 8, 2022


Alberta drivers once again woke up to a spike in gas prices Tuesday morning, setting new record highs.

The average fuel price in Calgary jumped from 159.5 cents per litre Monday evening to 165.8 cents Tuesday morning, and is expected to continue trending up.

In Edmonton, drivers are looking at an average of 163.4 cents per litre.

According to Statistics Canada, prior to 2022, the previous high in Calgary was 141.9 cents per litre, a mark hit in November 2021.

While gas prices have reached record highs in Alberta, fuel is still much more costly to the west in B.C.

The average price in Vancouver Tuesday morning was 208.7 cents per litre at the pump.

These record-breaking prices are primarily due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is causing significant uncertainty when it comes to supply.

To keep prices at bay, the Alberta government plans to temporarily scrap its 13 centrs per litre provincial gas tax effective April 1. Once oil dips below $80 a barrel the tax will be reinstated.

Just how much of an impact the provincial tax relief will have on average prices remains uncertain.

The federal government is scheduled to hike the federal carbon tax by two cents on April 1, and there’s nothing forcing companies to slash their prices.