Jarryd Jaeger

July 6, 2022

-The Post Millennial


A Canadian man who gained internet fame for “volunteering” to fight in Ukraine has been exposed as a fraud.

Social media users pointed out numerous discrepancies in the man’s story, and revealed that he had been using airsoft gear.

The “Canadian Ukrainian Volunteer” quickly gained a massive following on Twitter after posting what he claimed were first-hand accounts of the war.

As the Telegraph reports, he even told followers at one point that he had “infiltrated Russian-occupied Kherson in south Ukraine on a bicycle disguised as a Russian soldier.”

The volunteer’s days of being taken seriously came to an end recently, however, as people with expertise in the realm of weapons and war began to take notice and scrutinized his claims.

One user pointed out that the gun the volunteer purported to use during the war was actually an airsoft replica that could easily be purchased via Amazon.

The user pointed out that not only was the volunteer’s gun fake, but that he hadn’t even done a good job fitting it with the proper attachments.

His helmet was also revealed to be an airsoft replica.

Another user even went so far as to locate the volunteer via his IP address. According to him, the volunteer was based out of Ontario, Canada, not Ukraine.

The user highlighted that even though the volunteer did not appear to be profiting from his following, his actions should still be condemned.

“There are people that have actually dropped everything to put it all on the line,” he wrote. “People that have sacrificed all selflessly and he is not one.”

“He can bring attention to the conflict without all the theatrics, staged basement photos and costumes,” the user continued, suggesting that the Volunteer “degrades those that serve.”

The volunteer’s Twitter account no longer exists.