Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

January 4, 2021

-The Post Millennial


The Speaker of the House of Commons ruled yesterday that Chinese-made facemasks will be banned from Parliament by the end of January, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

On top of this, MPs also voted to ban Chinese-made masks from all federal buildings across Canada. This vote came about after MPs realized that their masks were being shipped from Guangzhou in China.

“House Administration is in the process of implementing the decision of the House to ensure compliance no later than January 31,” wrote the speaker in a memo.

“The Canadian company that won the bid provides the House of Commons with two types of non-medical mask: one type that is manufactured in Ontario, the other in China,” added the Speaker. “In light of the House decision, we have since notified our supplier of our requirement with respect to Canadian-made mask.”

Trudeau Liberal MPs, of course, were deeply concerned about a boycott of Chinese-made pandemic equipment and tried to block the motion.

Liberal MPs said that this boycott could break trade treaties. This discussion occurred during a government operations committee meeting.

One Liberal MP said that there was no evidence Chinese masks were being used in the House of Commons. “There has not been a single moment of any testimony by witnesses to establish this as fact,” said a Toronto-based Liberal MP.

“It says ‘Made in China’ on the box,” said an opposition MP in response to this. “I don’t know how many witnesses we would need.”