Brad Hunter

April 6, 2022

-Toronto Sun


An Ottawa man has allegedly been busted with an arsenal of guns after he was nabbed in a small hamlet south of Rochester.

Cops claim Badri Ahmed-Mohamed, 36, was arrested Sunday afternoon in Mount Morris, New York after being pulled over for speeding in a “routine” traffic stop.

Officers allegedly discovered the Canadian man was in possession of 58 handguns, along with multiple high-capacity magazines, in a duffel bag in the trunk of his vehicle.

The accused is being held in the Livingston County jail on $100,000 bail facing felony weapons charges.

“I was patrolling the Village and had a vehicle pass me at a high rate of speed,” Officer Kyle Regal told WHEC.

“As I went up to the vehicle, the driver seemed very suspicious and starting shaking. I asked him if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, which he answered with ‘yes.’ I had the gentleman exit the vehicle. He gave me consent to search the vehicle, and then that’s when I found the weapons in the trunk of the vehicle.”

Police Chief Jeff Wiedrick added: “I think it’s significant to take 58 handguns off the street. Those are 58 guns that can’t be used by criminals.”

According to cops, Ahmed-Mohamed was allegedly trafficking the guns across Canada and the U.S.

Many of the guns smuggled into Canada are purchased at gun shows in southern states like Virginia and then driven north on the backroads through small towns.

From there, they’re sold at huge mark-up to Canadian criminals.