Spiro Papuckoski

December 14, 2021

-Toronto Sun


A Canadian wrestler has been banned by a U.S. pro wrestling curcuit after stabbing a referee in the head with a spike during a show in Texas over the weekend.

The Ottawa-born Devon Nicholson, 39, who goes by the ring name Blood Hunter and has used Hannibal in the past, had just lost his World Class Pro Wrestling match in Irving on Saturday.

Following the match, Nicholson attacked the ref, Lando Deltoro, and got him down on the mat. He put a chokehold on Deltoro and then produced a spike, stabbing his head until he started to bleed, according to a video shared on YouTube.

A female wrestler jumped into the ring to get Nicholson off Deltoro, who was bleeding profusely. He was eventually dragged out of the ring.

Jerry Bostic, the CEO of World Class Pro Wrestling, released a statement via Facebook on Sunday announcing the ban.

“World Class, moving forward, will not be associated with Devon Nicholson … in any way, shape, form or fashion. I cannot, will not, condone what happened (Saturday) night. I didn’t see the actual incident. I didn’t see anything until I came out and Lando was laying on the ground and it was one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen.”

Fans weren’t happy with the bloody ring attack on the defenceless ref.

“I lost all respect for Hannibal after seeing the video and hearing the first-hand accounts,” shared Mark Wrenn in a comment on YouTube. “He can’t be trusted with the lives of other talent.”

“I’m disgusted by this,” wrote Kyle Damron in another comment. “This is not what pro wrestling should be about.”

According to TMZ , Nicholson claimed the ref was “hired to bleed” with the aid of a razor following the match. When he didn’t, that’s when the wrestler pulled out the spike.

“What happened, this referee was supposed to bleed from razor blade cuts. I assume he actually cut himself with the razor blades.”

If he had known the ref was legitimately injured and not putting on a show, Nicholson said he would have stopped the attack.

“He gave no indication to me … zero indication to me in the ring that he wasn’t just selling and was legitimately hurt.”

Nicholson claimed to have apologized to Deltoro. “He knows that I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

After getting stitched up, Deltoro was resting at home on Sunday and shared he was still in pain, but was going to be OK.

“Recovering at home, still a big fuzzy and pain, yes lots of pain,” said Deltoro. “But I’ll live. Thanks (sic) you all for out pouring of love and support.”

On Tuesday, Deltoro revealed he also acquired a blood infection, which he said the doctors feel was likely caused from the paint of the metal spike.

Nicholson is a Canadian YouTube personality who runs “THE HANNIBAL TV” channel. He is also a former national champion in freestyle wrestling, and qualified as an alternate Olympian in the heavyweight division for the London 2012 Olympics.